4 Best GPS Trackers for Akita

4 Best GPS Trackers for Akita

Pets are humans’ best friends. We keep them for different reasons, mostly because of their loving appearance, for protection, or even for taking care of us such as guide dogs. Whatever the reason, we love (more…)

Akita Colors and Patterns

Akita Colors And Patterns

Akitas come in a wide variety of coat colors and patterns. They are one of the only breeds that allow any color or pattern under AKC guidelines. The Akita Inu is red, white, or brindle. According to standards, (more…)

Akita Breeders and Breeding

Akita pupies

Breeding an Akita is not something to be decided on a whim. It is not something to be taken on as a money-making endeavor. Breeding should only be done to improve the breed by someone who proves his or (more…)

General Akita Breed Information

General Akita Information

The Akita is a breed with a complex past, present, and undoubtedly, future. This fact is not to be taken lightly when considering bringing one of these magnificent animals into your life. In its past, (more…)

General Traits of the Akita Breed

Akita breed

The Akita is named for his place of origin, the Odate region in Akita Prefecture (Americans: think ‘state’), on the island of Honshu in northern Japan. So the Akita is not a polar dog, though his coat (more…)

What is a Puppy mill

puppy mill

A puppy mill is the term for a deplorable breeding practice used by individuals and groups who think breeding a sentient animal should be a money-making endeavor. Frequently, puppy mills produce many, (more…)

Akita Rescue An Act of Love

Akita Rescue

Although Akitas are an uncommon breed, they have reached a certain level of popularity. This demand leads to disreputable and unethical breeders who breed dogs for profit and not the continued improvement (more…)

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