General Akita Breed Information

The Akita is a breed with a complex past, present, and undoubtedly, future. This fact is not to be taken lightly when considering bringing one of these magnificent animals into your life. In its past, the Akita was used as a fighting dog and as a hunting dog. Today it still carries genetically the traits necessary for those lines of action.

Responsibility for Temperament Rests with the Owner

General Akita Information

The Akita is an animal-aggressive breed and does not generally get along with other dogs of the same sex. Keeping two same-sex Akitas together should only be attempted by an experienced owner. The Akita also has a very high prey-drive and sees many small animals, including cats, some small dogs, and cute little bunnies and squirrels as prey to be hunted. Because of these factors, Akitas must be kept in a secure yard and not allowed to roam freely at will. They also must be kept under control when in public. Deserved or not, the Akita has a reputation as a vicious breed in many people’s eyes, and this puts a greater burden of responsibility on the owner of an Akita.

The Right Akita Breeder is a Guarantee of Your Akita Personality

Because of the Akita’s natural tendency toward animal-aggression and their highly-developed prey drive, it is especially important to choose the right Akita breeder. The right breeder has carefully chosen dogs to breed based on temperament, health, conformation, and genetic compatibility. Because of the artificially small gene-pool of the purebred dog, choosing the right dogs to breed becomes of the utmost importance when seeking to produce good temperaments and overall healthy dogs. This is why it’s so important not to buy from pet stores, who get their dogs from puppy mills, or back yard breeders who do not know enough or care enough, to get the proper health clearances.

Pay attention to Akita’s socialization

Akita puppies must be extremely well-socialized with people, children, and other animals so they will not develop into untrusting, untrustworthy dogs who may acquire a streak of viciousness. Akitas are frequently only accepting of children and pets when they have been raised with them from puppies. Small children and any breed of dog should never be left unsupervised together, but with this breed, it’s especially important. The child may tease or unintentionally hurt the dog, who may react by snarling, snapping, or even biting. Please protect both your children and your dogs.

Ownership of an Akita is not to be taken on lightly. Please read and learn as much as possible beforehand. Make sure this is the breed for you and your family.

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