Train Your Dog By Yourself: Does Brain Training for Dogs Improve Dog Behavior?

It’s customary, and anticipated, for puppies and countless dogs to not follow instructions, and thus they may appear fairly disobedient. It is because their thought processes are not yet fully formed, and they merely are not yet trained. The Brain Training for Dogs Course promotes assistance to make your dog obedient and well behaved. Using it, you do not have to bring your dog to training classes paying extortionate fees. A big group alone means that you and your dog may not get the training time that it really needs. And, unfortunately, some dog training classes may not, frankly, be as efficient as they promise. Brain Training for Dogs is a course which ‘eliminates bad behavior in dogs’ and, in turn, trains ‘well behaved, obedient, loving pets.’ The course’s focus is not on getting rid of any negative features of your dog’s character, but instead, focuses on bringing out the ‘hidden intelligence’ of every dog.

Brain Training for Akita

The old method of using violence to train a dog is outdated

Almost everyone knows someone who has used violence as a means of training a dog. It might be striking the dog to cause pain so that they no longer do the unwanted act or something as seemingly harmless as hitting the dog with a rolled-up newspaper. Studies have shown time and time again that violence does not train your dog. Violence does significant mental harm and will cause your dog psychological problems for years to come. If you’ve ever seen a dog that looks broken mentally, it’s more often than not the result of violence. Anyone who thinks violence is the answer to get their dog to do what they want is not worthy of owning such a glorious pet such as a dog. Abuse is harmful to humans and animals, and it has lasting effects that will stay with your dog forever.

Using treats to bribe your dog doesn’t work in the long-run

Some of you may think that violence is out of the question and will immediately gravitate towards using treats to bribe your dog to get them to do what you want. An occasional treat is appreciated, and it’s nice to reward your dog for a job well done. However, there are significant risks involved in being reliant on snacks to get your dog to do what you wanted to do. The most significant risk is that your dog will develop type II diabetes because of being overweight. Giving your dog too many snacks will cause it to gain weight, and that will have lasting health repercussions that will shorten its lifespan. It’s okay to give your dog an occasional snack, using snacks to get the behavior you want is risky, and it puts your dog’s life in jeopardy.

The answer is to understand how a dog thinks

Up until now all of the methods of dog training seem to either bribe them or to threaten the use of physical force. None of these methods work, and the only thing that does work is understanding the stop process of a dog. It’s hard to believe that humankind and dogs have lived for as long as they have together, and no one has come up with the idea of ​​psychologically understanding the dog. If you want to train your dog to behave the way you want, the answer is to understand what’s going on in their brain. If you don’t understand, how your dog things, you will never achieve the desired outcome from your training. If you ever wonder why you keep going in circles when training your dog, it’s because you don’t understand how a dog thinks.

Understanding the stop process of a dog is not difficult

The average person reading this is not a dog psychologist or a professional coacher. You might consider yourself a dog enthusiast, but that doesn’t make you an expert. What you need maybe, it is the help of an expert, who knows the path to your dog’s brain. This expert is Adrienne Farricelli, and she is a professional dog trainer. She has put together all of the information you need to train your dog and live a lasting and healthy life with them. The one thing you must take away from all of this is that a well-behaved dog is a dog that you can enjoy every moment with. You will no longer have to fight with your dog, but you will be able to enjoy every walk, every moment on the couch, and all of the other reasons you love dogs.

It’s all about the love you have for your dog

Akita Dog TrainingYour dog loves you unconditionally, and there’s no doubt about that. Do you unconditionally love your dog as well? If you do, the only answer is to train your dog right. Your dog deserves only the best, and if it is unruly and unable to function in society, your dog is missing out on so much. Do the right thing and make sure your dog is living the best life that it possibly can. The answer to your dog training problems is to educate yourself by taking the Brain Training For Dogs course. By the time you’re done taking the course, you will have all of the tools necessary to understand your dog’s thought processes and how to properly train them to live the best life possible.

Brain Training For Dogs is the solution that you’ve been searching for. Don’t think you can do this on your own. Dog training without the help of a professional coach will be at least more difficult, and don’t be surprised if you fail to achieve certain goals. If you were able to train your dog, it would’ve been done by now. You lack the skills required to turn your dog’s life around. That’s why you need Brain Training For Dogs. Every bit of information in this course will guide you and direct you to train your dog and help it live the type of life that you wanted to. Your desire to train your dog is not to have a furry robot that will do whatever you want. What you desire more than anything else is to improve your dog’s life so that it can behave and enjoy its surroundings. Without proper training, your dog will never enjoy life to its fullest capacity.

What is Brain Training for Dogs?

Brain Training for Dogs is a course that works by correcting your dog’s bad behaviour. The course provides you with step by step guides, videos, and easy to understand explanations. The course uses plenty of previous world-leading research from prestigious institutions such as Harvard University. Thanks to it, we can easily understand more about the scientific element of a dog’s brain, and how it can be ‘molded’ and adapted. The course in question supposedly uses the sciences behind dog training to act as a basis for each guide and activity available in each module. As the main focus of the course is not just shouting at your dog to tell it to stop barking.

Brain Training for Akita Dog

What sets this particular course apart from the rest, is that it involves your animal’s psychology. And rather than using force or excessive shouting that won’t benefit your dog, the focus is on positive reinforcement. This idea of force using has been studied by numerous academics and is known as ‘dominance training’. It relates to the belief that a dog acting aggressive or misbehaving is simply the dog wanting to be ‘dominant’ or considered the ‘alpha’. Therefore, the theory suggests that the way to solve many of these dog issues is to establish dominance back over the dog. Brain Training for Dogs program does not follow this approach in any way. That is why it can be considered a much more effective program that is unique on the market.

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Features of Brain Training for Dogs Course

The Brain Training for Dogs course effectively uses ‘fun and educational games’ as its primary teaching resource. With the course being solely online, this means that it’s far more convenient than any other physical dog training classes and groups. There is the convenience factor of being able to train your dog in your own home. So, that he is acclimatized to your natural environment and doesn’t feel stressed and perplexed by any sudden changes. It also means that you can train your puppy or dog whenever it conveniences you and suits your schedule, hassle-free. Brain Training for Dogs course deals with almost any common behavior problem that your dog may have. It includes, but is not limited to, potty training, aggression diversion, excessive barking, chewing, hyperactivity, and ignoring commands. It uses ‘easy to understand directions, troubleshooting guides, step-by-step guides, and picture and video demonstrations’ for every activity.

Make Your Dog GeniusAnother key feature of this ver course is that, aside from each module and guide, there are many documents and archives you get access to. It also includes ‘tailor-made’ solutions for almost any behavioral problem. In addition to this, you get access to a ‘private forum’. There you can discuss anything about your dogs and their behavior, or ask questions about the course. And, of course, speak about this with other dog owners following the same path as you. This key feature makes the whole experience more individual and personal, as well as relatable.

You are not just following rules on a screen, but you can discuss your progress and feel a community sense that you lack from not going to a face-to-face dog training class.
Another feature that sets this course aside from all is that you don’t just learn how to say ‘no’ to everything your dog does. Instead, you can get to the root cause behind every problem you come across with your dog. Any behavioral problem should be treated not as a general rule of discipline but ought to reflect your dog’s personality and temperament.

What does Brain Training for Dogs include?

The online course promises three main accomplishments. They are ‘Dramatically improve your dog’s obedience’, ‘Eliminate troublesome behavior like barking, chewing or aggression’, and ‘Have your dog effortlessly sit, lie down, stay, heel, drop and walk by your side’. The course has a very scholarly feel to it. It improves professionalism. And it is the sort of learning, where you can actively see results on every step of the way and look back at your accomplishments, just like you would at school. It also increases self-motivation. You will feel that every step is a new milestone to work out.

Brain Training For Akita Dogs

This scholarly feel mainly comes from the course’s use of Modules. Each module consists of numerous games and activities, such as ‘The airplane game’ which teaches your dog to look into your eyes to follow instructions. And it is a way to heighten your sense of communication between you and your dog.

There are 7 modules available:

  • Module 1. Preschool: This module focuses on how to ‘target train ‘whereby your dog learns to keep their attention on you. This module focuses on building a foundation for your puppy or dog’s obedience.
  • Module 2. Elementary School: Focuses on your dog, improving his skills and senses learned in the first module, to then work on completing commands. The three main games in this module focus on keeping your dog occupied, mentally stimulated, and drain your dog’s energy when it needs to be. It makes it easier for your dog to work with you.
  • Module 3. High School: Focuses on teaching your dog patience and how to control his impulses through another three games.
  • Module 4. College: Your dog will learn how to develop his motor skills and ability to concentrate on commands.
  • Module 5. University: focusing on impulse control and therefore enhancing his patience and intelligence.
  • Module 6. Graduation: Your dog will enhance everything previously learned.
  • Module 7. Einstein: Within the course, this is considered the ‘genius’ level. Here, you can teach your dog all those cool little tricks that would make a dog stand out of the crowd.


Pros and Cons of buying Brain Training for Dogs

  1. The online course means that you can train your dog whenever it suits your schedule. You don’t need to follow the time pressure and constraints of actual classes and groups. You can also practice with your dog whenever you feel it’s necessary, rather than at a set time.
  2. The techniques you learn in Brain Training for Dogs are not just based on what one person has experienced with its dog. Each activity is based on scientific research and techniques.
  3. The course uses force-free techniques and doesn’t use the common practice of dominance training.
  4. The course uses clear instructions with pictures and step by step guides. It means it is easy for anyone to use and just train its dog without worrying about specialist terminology, or worrying that they are doing something wrong.
  5. Video demonstrations mean that if you’re confused about any of the written steps, you can simply use the video demonstration as an example and copy what is done in the video.
  6. You can directly speak to and get support from the author of Brain Training for Dogs if you have any questions or require any additional help.
  7. Access to a private chat forum where all members who use the online course can connect and chat about their dogs and their progress, or just about this course in general.
  8. A 60-day money-back guarantee. It reassures you that if you feel that the course is not for you, or what you need, you don’t need to worry about having wasted your money. In addition to this, it also adds more reassurance before buying that. So, if they offer to give you your money back, that it really does work.
  1. As with any online course, there can, of course, be downsides and things that might not go quite to plan.
    You might miss out on that face to face support that may be vital for some individuals and dogs, that you can only get from dog training classes or groups.
  2. It requires time and space to make sure you follow all the steps efficiently and train your dog to the standard that the course advertises.
  3. You really will need to have a high degree of self-discipline, and you must manage your time to ensure that your dog is getting the most out of the course that you have paid for. If you want to see effective results, unfortunately, you will have to find the time and put the work in.
  4. Time! You will need to have a lot of it, as well as patience. One of the only downsides of the course is that you’re not paying a professional to do the work for you. You are responsible for your dog’s progress.

About the Author

Adrienne FarricelliThe author of Brain Training for Dogs, Adrienne Farricelli is a professional and certified dog trainer. She has based her scientific and professional work on extensive research by world-leading facilities. She has incorporated science-based research into her work for people of any level to understand and train her dogs at home. Farricelli’s work has appeared in numerous prestigious publications such as ‘USA Today, Everydog Magazine, and the APDT Chronicle of the Dog’. Farricelli has been working with dogs for almost 16 years, highlighting her professionalism and her extensive knowledge of dogs and animal behaviors.


Is Brain Training for dogs hard to use?

Brain Training for Dogs is easy to use and understand for people with dogs of any level of discipline. It can range from new puppies who need basic training to follow simple instructions or even just to be potty trained. And it is helpful for grown-up dogs with behavioral issues, that you’re not quite sure how to approach. Anyway, this course is really can be beneficial for anyone who wants to train the dog itself. With step by step guides, pictures, videos, and support forums, it’s not hard to use at all, and could be considered the more cost-efficient choice when training your dog.

However, the only way that Brain Training for Dogs could be hard to use is if you’re not very patient, or don’t have a lot of time. You will be the one in charge of the discipline and the journey of teaching your dog. Therefore, you are to dedicate yourself to commit the following a routine and accurately ensure the steps within the course. Otherwise, it may become difficult for your dog to learn, and this, in turn, may create lots of understandable frustration for you as the owner. So, if you’re considering purchasing the course, it will not be hard to use if you have the time to commit and dedicate yourself to your dog’s learning.

How much does Brain Training for Dogs cost? Is it a good investment?

Many people have confirmed that Brain Training for Dogs is worth the money. At first glance, the price may be seemed steep for a one-time purchase. However, with the ability to go at your own pace, and learn new things whenever it’s convenient for you, this course is a good investment. And keep in mind also the unlimited access to high-professional content! Farricelli has calculated that with a professional trainer to work on your dog for you, it can total up to $350 an hour. Even worse, with this price, you and your dog can practice your training results, only when your trainer is available. It means the limit of your options and reducing flexibility. The online course makes a promise to eliminate any bad behavior and create an ‘obedient, well-behaved, and intelligent’ dog.

The cost of Adrienne Farricelli’s full course is only $47 (EUR 39). This offer includes full access to all materials available, including videos, step-by-step guides, access to support, and tutorials. As this is a one-time payment, you don’t need to worry about continually paying for classes: everything is in your control. In addition to the full course, included in the price is Adrienne Farricelli’s bonus course of ‘Behaviour Training for Dog’.


Conclusively, Brain Training for Dogs is a worse investment. With a single payment that certainly doesn’t break the bank, you can be extremely flexible in your training time. The program is suitable for anyone with dogs of any training level, even basic, or advanced. If your dog is at a basic level in terms of training, this course will teach you how to improve your dog’s intelligence and behavior. After that, you will develop from a fundamental and essential level to an extremely advanced level. The course also means you can go back on anything you want to revisit or practice again, at any time, from the comfort of your own home. Access to forums can also be a good opportunity for people all over the world experiencing the same problems, to connect and find solace and relatability in each other.


Training for Akita Dog

There are thousands of benefits and reasons as to why Brain Training for Dogs is a smart and convenient product to invest in. Just like every product available on the market, there will, of course, be minor downsides, but these are very minimal. Simple things such as ensuring you have the time to make such a commitment, it’s not as easy as sending your dog to a professional and collecting him in a couple of hours, and maybe, he can bring you biscuits and a cup of tea in bed. It’s solely down to you, and you should be prepared to work at your own pace but understand that you will have to keep practicing and do a lot of reading.

Of course, I know how frustrating it can be, trying to teach your dog something, but you really will need a lot of patience. It’s easy to say as a professional dog trainer, you have become accustomed to staying calm and patient, and understanding every dog has different abilities. And it takes a lot of time, but you should try to adopt this task from a professional trainer’s point of view.

Regardless of the patience and commitment factor, the benefits massively outweigh such minor things. In retrospect, it’s certainly a product you shouldn’t miss on.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Does Brain Training for Dogs improve dog behavior?

Yes! It is what the program specializes in and takes pride in with outstanding results. Every activity and guide within the program is based on years of world-leading research and scientific studies into a dog’s brain and their development patterns and habits depending on numerous factors. Every activity has taken this into account, and the course’s main goal is to produce dogs who have massively improved behavior. It teaches your dog how to focus on you, and give you attention when making a command and learning how to follow instructions on order.

Does Brain Training for Dogs discover how to make a dog stop barking?

Dogs develop certain habits and ways of communicating, that seem natural to them. Training a dog not to bark early on is much easier to combat, but Brain Training for Dogs has promised to teach dogs how not to bark. This course focuses on diverting your dog’s way of asking for attention, rather than barking, in ways that are easier to deal with, and less of an annoyance.

Does Brain Training for Dogs help stop your puppy from biting?

It is especially less of a hassle to train your puppy not to bite, as opposed to an older dog. Usually, puppies grow out of the biting stage naturally but, if it is causing problems and difficulties, this course will prevent your puppy from biting. This course focuses on simple tasks such as depleting your puppy from their masses of energy or by tiring them out from games and activities. And it also instills a pup from a young age to focus their energy on other things instead.

Is Brain Training for Dogs easy to use?

Anything couldn’t be easier! Brain Training for Dogs is designed to make it easy and hassle-free for dog owners of any experience level to follow the instructions and guides. From support whenever you need it, to easy to understand guides and tutorials, including pictures and videos, you’re bound to follow on easily!

How do I buy it?

Money-backBrain Training for dogs can be easily purchased on the official website  using a credit/debit card or PayPal. The product has a 60-day money-back guarantee, so if you’re not entirely happy, you can ask for your money back!

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