All Akita kennels list

Our goal is to connect people with the best local Akita kennels. We analyzed Akita kennels worldwide and collected all contact details to give you a hand-picked list of the best.
With so many different Akita Kennels to choose from, we’ve done our best to know what made them special, and to provide you with all the necessary information.
Just for you, here is the most completed Akita Kennels list, that you should check out if you are looking for an Akita puppy near you.

Our multi-regional consolidated Akita breeders List discovers kennels worldwide for those, who want to adopt Akita puppies.

If you are an Akita breeder and can not find your kennel below, add yourself to our Akita Kennels List. It takes only a few minutes and lets people looking for an Akita pup to find your kennel and buy the puppy from you!

All Akita kennels on the MAP

Search for your perfect Akita puppy most efficiently and conveniently. For this purpose, you’ll find the nearby Akita Kennels with all the necessary contacts and also mapped. Our list safes your time and lets you get your Akita in the shortest time.

Akita kennels in Australia

  • Akita kenels in Burgenland

  • In Trausdorf an der Wulka – Dark Moonlight
  • Akita kenels in South Australia

  • In Adelaide – Shokuma
  • Akita kenels in Australian Capital Territory

  • In Evatt – Daykeyne

  • In Canberra – Blaqaviar
  • Akita kenels in Tasmania

  • In Launceston – Ishin
  • Akita kenels in Western Australia

  • In Southern – Cooltre

Akita kennels in Belgium

  • Akita kenels in FlemishBrabant

  • In Leuven – Joketsu
  • Akita kenels in WestFlanders

  • In Brugge – Wavemakers

Akita kennels in Canada

Akita kennels in Czech Republic

Akita kennels in England

Akita kennels in Finland

Akita kennels in Georgia

Akita kennels in Germany

Akita kennels in Greece

Akita kennels in Hungary

Akita kennels in Ireland

Akita kennels in Italy

Akita kennels in Kazakhstan

Akita kennels in Lithuania

Akita kennels in Nethrtlands

  • Akita kenels in NorthBrabant

  • In Maren-Kessel – Cheveyo

  • In Oss – Laelia

Akita kennels in Norway

Akita kennels in Poland

  • Akita kenels in Przemkow

  • In Polkowice – Snow Fluff

Akita kennels in Russia

  • Akita kenels in LO

  • In St. Petersburg – Rikoran

Akita kennels in Spain

Akita kennels in Ukraine

Akita kennels in USA

Akita kennels in New Zeland

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