Akita Rescue An Act of Love

Although Akitas are an uncommon breed, they have reached a certain level of popularity. This demand leads to disreputable and unethical breeders who breed dogs for profit and not the continued improvement of the breed.

Breeders Must be Sure Their Dogs Go to Responsible Owners

Akita Rescue

Akitas are a difficult breed to live with if you do not know what you are getting into. This is why breeders must be sure their dogs go to homes prepared for these noble animals. Because some breeders do not take proper responsibility for what they produce and do not screen homes to be sure owners understand what kind of dog they are getting, many of these dogs end up being given up to rescue organizations, if they are lucky. Many Akitas from backyard breeders have poor temperaments, to begin with, because of improper breeding practices, and can turn on their families and exhibit vicious behavior. Unfortunately, and through no fault of their own, these dogs must be put down.

What Are The Akita Rescue Organizations

These rescue organizations are made up of Akita fanciers and owners who seek to educate potential owners while cleaning up the messes of many uncaring breeders. It is frequently a thankless and difficult job, as many of these Akitas end up being put down.

Rescuing takes an emotional toll on both the rescuers and the dogs themselves, who are disoriented and afraid in these unfamiliar surroundings. These dogs do not understand what has happened to them or why it has happened. But they need and deserve a loving home.

To Find the Loving and Responsible Owner

These dogs are evaluated by caring individuals, given proper nutritional and veterinary care, frequently out of the pocket of the individual rescuer, and carefully placed in loving, stable homes that are properly prepared for an Akita. Many times, rescue groups are more stringent with whom they place their dogs than some breeders. They feel a bond with these dogs who have been given up, and their goal is to make sure it does not happen again.

If you are looking to add an Akita to your household, please consider adopting a rescue. Adult dogs can often be easier to deal with than puppies, and these dogs have extra love to share with you.

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