4 Best GPS Trackers for Akita

Pets are humans’ best friends. We keep them for different reasons, mostly because of their loving appearance, for protection, or even for taking care of us such as guide dogs. Whatever the reason, we love them first of all and want them to stay with us all their lives.

Pet Dogs possess animal instincts too

No doubt, dogs are very popular pets in the world. In the United States alone, there are more than 80 million pet dogs. Meanwhile, Akita dogs became more and more popular in the USA and all over the world during the two last decades. They are usually treated with care and affection like family members. But they are animals in nature first of all and therefore possess certain instincts. Akita owners do understand that and would oblige to participate in activities like playing and walking them, allowing adequate social interactions with other people and pets.

If you let your Akita run free

Unless the Akitas would cause harm or nuisance to people, owners would normally let their dogs run free within confined boundaries. You would also expect your Akita to be free from the boundary time to time as long as you are walking with them.

If your Akita is well-trained and not aggressive, you may let him free, but you want to be sure that your dog returns as usual. Akita is guarding and hunting breed, therefore such cases might be quite normal. However, many instances cause Akita owners to worry about the safety of their dogs.

Different Types of Pet Tracking Devices

There are very usable gadgets easy to keep track of dogs. Pet Tracking Devices effectively applied GPS and Cellular modern technologies, are ergonomic and handy, and therefore effectively help to know where is your Akita at the moment. It’s just an easy solution for any Akita owner!

1. Handheld receiver type

Designed for sporting or hunting dogs. The Transmitter is attached to a pet’s collar and a Receiver is carried by the owner. Detecting range can reach up to 7 miles.

One time buying cost is higher but no recurring monthly service charge.

2. GPS tracker for dogs

GPS trackers are designed for home pet dogs and cats. It monitors the movement of pets outside the pre-set boundaries and maintains traceable all the time via mobile devices. This method employs online GPS tracking. A monthly subscription for online service is required.

The cost for the device is cheaper but subject to a monthly subscription fee.

Some of the makers of such devices are Garmin Alpha GPS Track and Train System, Marco Polo Pet Monitoring/Tracking and Locating System, SportDOG TEK-V1L 1.0 GPS Tracking, TEK-V1L, etc.

GPS Tracker for Dogs Comparison

If you keep your Akita as a family member and a companion, a GPS tracker for dogs is thus more preferable by dog owners over the handheld receiver type.

Below the matrix table compares the features of four different makers for reference purposes.

ModelWhistle Go ExplorePETBIZ GPS Pet TrackerGarmin TT 15 Tracking & Training GPS CollarPet GPS Tracker for 1-3 Dogs Pets
Product Images
Device (tag) weight, ounces0,960,969,30,97
Device (tag) dimention, inches1,4 x 1,8 x 0,72 x 1.8 x 0.71.9 x 3.5 x 1.81.7 x 1,5 x 0,6
Battery life span Up to 20 DaysUp to 30 Days20-40 hours8 hours
Water ProofIPX8IPX7IPX8IP65
Service subscriptoin$7.95/month$2,99 /monthnono
Save zone setting (Virtual fence)yesyesyesyes
Acitivty History recordsyesyesyesyes
Exercise & Activity Monitoringyesyesyesyes
Countries CoverageUS onlyUS onlyAllAll





Dog GPS Trackers Highlights

If your dog has a chance and likes to play with water, and usually, any Akita does, you should note on the product’s waterproof rating. Most makers are IPX7 certified waterproof. That means that the device is protected against a short period immerse in water.

GPS tracker for dogs allows you to keep an eye on your pets while you are at work or far away from home. Sometimes you will be alert by SMS or email as soon as your pet ventures outside the pre-set boundary. It is especially useful if you let your Akita free in the garden or the backyard. This is the so-called “virtual fence” function.

Besides keeping an eye on your Akita, the devices sometimes capture the pet’s daily movements and activities. Their daily routine and behavior are at your fingertips. This is one important feature that dog owners want. Most gadgets have come up with activity tracking features that provide a visual summary of the pet’s daily activity. Whether their pets behave normally with adequate exercise or lack of it because of sickness, all can be viewed at any time at your convenience.

Whistle Go Explore Key Features

  • Real-time tracking on maps
  • Virtual fence with escape alerts
  • Activity monitoring & tracking with the number of steps, duration of exercise, and calories burned. Celebrate milestones with in-app badges.
  • Recommended daily activity and goals setting based on the dog’s breed, age and weight
  • Weekly wellness reports analyzing your dog’s licking, scratching and sleeping

*This device is the best seller among budget GPS pet trackers. It is easy to use and operate.

PETBIZ GPS Pet Tracker Key Features

  • Super long battery life is up 30 days and
  • Waterproof&Lightweight pet tracker
  • Activity Monitor records history

*You get all basic functions at affordable price.

Garmin TT 15 Tracking & Training GPS Collar Key Features

  • Battery life is 20-40 hours, a lithium-ion battery is rechargeable
  • IPX8 water-rated water-resistant with 10m depth
  • A blue collar strap is included, other colors are available as an option
  • Rescue alert and LED lights
  • High-Sensitivity satellite receiver includes GLONASS
  • You can activate three training options by a button: sound, vibro-mode, and electric stimulation
  • Shock-resistant
  • Backup power for up to four days

*This GPS Tracker is the best choice for smart dog owners who want to teach and control their dogs.

PETFON Pet GPS Tracker Key Features

  • The charging station recharges 2 li-ion batteries (included) fully three times
  • Exercise & Activity Monitoring in real-time provides distance traveled and active minutes
  • LED light in 11 different colors provides the perfect nighttime visibility
  • Both virtual fence and danger zone for your dog can be set. You can receive an alert on your cellphone
  • High-tech transmission Antenna enables tracking in a range of up to 3.5 miles (5.6km) in an open field, 0.65 miles in an urban area

*If you have got more than one dog and want to know all about their activities you can track up to 3 dogs in one hand thanks to this model.


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