The Magnificent Akita

An Akita will consistently establish an essential enduring connection. The mix of size and polish makes this breed genuinely unmistakable.

Physical Characteristics

The Akita is a ground-breaking huge dog: the male is 26-28 inches tall and weighs between 100-125 pounds. The female is somewhat littler. She is 24-26 inches tall and weighs around 70 to 100 pounds.

  • Color: Various. Akitas can even be white. Get more information about Akita colors and patterns here.
  • Coat: Short moderate long, extremely thick and sometimes includes two layers. The undercoat is exceptionally delicate and is the essential protector, while the outer coat is marginally more and coarser.
  • Head: The Akita has an exceptionally enormous head with little erect ears. She has unmistakable little triangular-formed eyes with dark edges.
  • Tail: Large full and twisted.

Amazingly Defensive and Loyal

The Magnificent Akita

An Akita will carry on with her life as though her lone reason for existing is to secure and invest energy with you. She will blossom with human contact. Since Akita is so faithful, this dog, as a rule, won’t show friendship toward somebody that isn’t an individual from her family.
As a rule, Akitas are not forceful towards individuals but rather have an all-around created guarding nature. Akitas are usually peaceful and won’t bark except if there is an explanation.
Akita may show forceful inclinations toward different dogs of a similar sex. Can live calmly with a dog of the other gender. Nonetheless, some Akitas need to play a dominant role. Will usually well coexist with felines.

Akita as a Family Pet

An Akita would make an expansion to most families as it is typically delicate and persistent with kids – she will be an extraordinary companion and defender. Akitas are merely amazingly spotless. They have got a quiet aura and don’t require a lot of activities. Be that as it may, to keep up the legitimate weight, an Akita needs daily exercise. And, of course, the respective training. Be prepared to pay the necessary attention to your Akita’s socialization and bear the responsibility for your dog’s temperament. An Akita isn’t reasonable for condo living.

Akita Training

This breed is quite simple to train. Sometimes expert coacher could be required. Akitas are very discerning and will generally get exhausted effectively; so short but regular training is supposed.

Akita Feeding Diet

An Akita usually has an extremely high hunger and is exceptionally food possessive. So, it ought not to be fed without a diet. The owners should take care of good quality meat and bone-based food and don’t flourish too on soybean-based canine food.

Basic Health Problems

Many Akitas have an issue with Hypothyroid sickness – this can be dealt with effectively with hormone substitution treatment. Other ailing found in Akita s incorporate debilitated night vision, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (visual deficiency), hip issues, and sometimes kidney issues.
If you are looking for an Akita puppy for adoption, ask the breeder all questions, especially regarding the possible health problems of your pup’s health.

Various Akita Information

With legitimate consideration and nourishment, an Akita should live 10-14 years. Generally, an Akita is an intelligent guarding dog that is easy to care and bring into your life much love and loyalty. Most Akitas like to convey things in their mouths, sometimes including your wrist! It isn’t strange for an Akita to take you by the wrist to lead you to her food bowl or a most loved spot.

An Akita can be prepared without stress for transportation to a new home. But it is much easier to buy the Akita pup at the local kennel getting all benefits of the near location. Browse the Akita kennels list  and find the nearby breeders to make you search the most efficient.

Historical Highlights

An Akita is Japanese reared with an exceptionally long history. This breed is viewed as a national fortune in Japan. It is accepted that a home with an Akita is an image of success and favorable luck. Helen Keller brought the first Akita to the United States in 1937.

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