Are Akitas picky eaters: Akita feeding diet is important

Some dogs may become fussy and Akitas are not an exclusion. Fussy eaters turn their noses up at anything other than the best steak, or a finely diced chicken breast. A dog can be very selective when it comes to their menu. Akita feeding diet is important. This can be very frustrating for their owner, but the worse is that it mainly leads to health concerns.
In many cases, Akita pups are allowed to become fussy because their owners are taken in by their big brown eyes. Puppies quickly learn that if they refuse to eat dog food for long enough, their owners will take away the dog food, and provide them with something they think a whole lot tastier.

Fussy may cause health concerns

Akita puppies eating

Some dogs actually are fussy and off their food because of a medical condition. If you have a dog that is suddenly fussy, it’s vital he has a full examination by your vet, and that may include blood tests. There are many causes of a reduced appetite in dogs, and your dog won’t get better without the proper diagnosis and treatment.

Teaching your Akita pup to eat what he’s given

If your Akita pup has had a checkup and has been given a clean bill of health from your vet, you can start teaching him to eat what he’s given. It’s a good idea to feed him several times a day at the same time, for ten minutes at a time. If he doesn’t finish his meal, take it away. He’ll be nice and hungry at his next mealtime. When he’s happy to eat dog food, you can then add variety to his diet with a range of treats. Keep mealtimes pleasant. By doing this, you’re establishing good eating behavior from the start.

How to start the right feeding diet for a fussy Akita

If you’ve tried varying the diet of your fussy dog, and you just can’t stand watching him refuse to eat for more than a day, you can try a gradual changeover to dog food.
You may choose to hand feed your dog to get the process started. Plan to get him eating canned food at first, rather than dry kibble, and mix a little canned food with his regular food. Hand feed him the mixture because he’s a bit more likely to eat it from your hand. As soon as he is happy to eat the mix, put his food in a bowl.

Akita feeding

Gradually increase the canned food proportion in his diet as you reduce the amount of regular food. You can also start to introduce a sprinkle of kibble into the canned food. Ideally, over time, your dog should become more used to eating dog food.

It’s entirely your choice as to how much you’re prepared to work on this problem. If it doesn’t r damage the Akita’s health or you don’t mind your dog’s gourmet tastes, you may not be too concerned about changing his diet. Keep in mind that meat on its own isn’t a balanced diet and you need to speak to your vet about the need for a supplement.
However, if you do want your Akita to start eating dog food, and leave the best meals for you, it will take gentle persistence and determination. No healthy dog has ever allowed themselves to starve and providing he’s well, he will eventually eat dog food if it is the only alternative for him.

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