Akita Exercise Begins When They Are Puppies

Akitas are large dogs that are very smart and opinionated. They will soon enough ignore you if you don’t show them who the boss is. That is why you are to start with Akita puppy on the right foot. A good training regimen is significant for puppies’ development. Aside from training, there are also some other substantial items that Akitas need to develop into the big beautiful dogs that they are.

Akita’s Socialization and Activity are the Keys to Success

Akita Exercise Begins When They Are Puppies

Akitas must get the love and affection that they need to be able to adjust as social animals. Untrained, an Akita can be aloof to strangers and potentially be a danger to the people around him. It is also important to bond with an animal that requires companionship like the Akita. They are very loyal to their masters, so you have to develop a relationship with the Akita Puppy right away.

An Akita is also a working dog that needs to be doing something. The character of this dog is to serve its masters. It doesn’t matter what you have the dog do as long as it is activated. An Akita is not content to lie on the couch all day. The Akita puppy can get restless if left with nothing to do.

Exercises are The Right Solution

Akita puppies are never too young to exercise. Akita’s exercises can be as simple as running around the yard, a long walk, or a hike up a mountain. You are the master, and you will be the one to decide.

Exercising in the park is a wise way to teach socialization to Akita puppies. It puts them in a safe environment that is full of people. Play with your puppy with a Frisbee. It keeps the pup active, and he sees a lot of people while having fun. It shows the puppy that it can be fun being around people. Akita puppies draw a lot of attention because they are cute and cuddly. So let the people touch him or her. Remember to make sure that when other people are playing with your Akita puppies that they aren’t too rough.

Exercising is also the best opportunity to bond with your Akita puppies. They will be able to get the fresh air they need, and this could be a way you can develop a strong relationship with your Akita puppies. The most important thing is that you spend time with your Akita puppies so that they will know very well who their master is.

You can address training also by Akita exercises and use them to disguise training. A simple command of sit, stay, and rollover is well to exercise. And it gives this magnificent working-dog something to do.

One pleasant side effect of Akita exercise is your health. It takes a lot of work exercising a big dog like this, and it goes a long way on your body to help your Akita puppy to become a well-trained gorgeous adult dog.

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