Caring For Akita Puppies is Easy

Don’t be fooled by a cute little playful Akita puppy. In a year, a small pup grows up and does get to be a rather big and strong dog. An adorable little ball of fur you play with at the kennel will grow to nearly 125 pounds of dynamite. Akitas are very loyal, but training is quite important because of their desire to be the lead dog of the pack, in other words, in your family.

Taking care of Akitas is pretty easy, despite its large size. They don’t require much from you except food, water, exercise, and a lot of love and training. Akitas are mostly guarding dogs. American Kennel Club classifies an Akita as a working dog. Their size and loyalty lead many to use them as a deterrent.

Akita’s everyday care

Caring For Akita Puppies is Easy

Akitas shed their fur a lot only a couple of times a year. If you want your dog to show your love, brush him or her regularly. During shedding periods, it’s necessary to get the brush out every day. The more brushing you do, the less hair you will find in the shedding. Akitas have a short coat, but its very thick and has a couple of layers. When your dog is going through the shedding period, it’s probably the only time you will need to bath your Akita. It will help get rid of any hair missed in the brushing. Akita puppies and grown-ups Akitas are almost cat-like when it comes to staying clean.

Akita training and exercises

Akita puppies are intelligent and learn quickly. You’ll read a lot of suggestions on early training for these dogs because it is so essential. The socialization of your Akita puppy is very strongly encouraged. The territorial nature of these dogs puts them at a natural disadvantage if they are not socialized early in their development. The Akita can develop some behavioral problems if it will not follow a couple of these training rules being a pup. If you feel you can’t train your dog, there are several resources here you should check. The loyalty of Akitas is legion, from Hollywood movies to Japanese stories, Akitas instinctively feel the need to protect their family and property.

Be sure you have plenty of room to allow your Akita puppy plenty of space to roam. There are few things crueler to a big animal like Akita than being stuck in a small cramped apartment space. And, of course, you need time to devote a part of your life to your dog. You can make your Akita to get acquainted with a leash or provide it with a free space using a GPS-tracker. In both cases, your Akita will be your great loyal companion for years.

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