Shinano Kennel in Gisborne: Akita pups for sale

Looking for a lovely Akita pup or dog in Gisborne? Our kennel has been regularly mating, exhibiting, handling, and exercising Akitas for many years. We precisely breed only a few litters annually and put our puppies into quite selective houses. We take care of grown-ups’ and puppies’ health and focus on their obedience, which results in the great good character of our Akitas. Reap the benefits of our location in Gisborne and get in touch with us for more details. Our ideal Akita pups are available for sale and we are near you!

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Is an Akita puppy the best selection for you

The Akita is an extremely smart, faithful, big, strong, lively, and highly dominant dog, whose life is oriented to its owners. The Akita is among the most satisfying dogs to ever own. But it is an extremely demanding breed. For that reason, the Akita should not be accidentally put into any family and we will not place our puppies with just anybody.

Akita owners responsibility

In fact, you are purchasing the liability when owning an Akita due to its obvious protective and territorial traits, and we want to be completely sure that the Akita is a great fit for its prospective family. As a responsible owner, you must also acknowledge all hazards and obligations that go with owning the Akita. Please, be sure that the homeowner’s insurance covers the addition of the Akita puppy to your house.
All our pups are sound, have a good personality, and are full of substance, including fantastic bear-like heads, and exemplify the Akita breed criteria.

Why is the purchase an Akita pup from our kennel in Gisborne right for you

When you’re taking a look at an adorable bundle of fur, the important questions about who offers these Akita pups for sale could get out of your mind. If you’d like to become an intelligent owner, you will need a breeder who is ready to demonstrate both the litter and the adult dogs, and also answer any queries on the maintenance of your Akita, including the diet, training, and even getting into dog shows.

If you are searching for an intelligent, smart, sensitive, adoring, and responsive Akita with whom you want to spend time with, train, and interact socially and who is ultimately loyal and devoted to you and your family through-out its life, then hopefully you would appreciate having a dog from our kennel located in Gisborne.
Here’s our kennel indicated on the map. You will find all our contacts below.

The Akita kennel located in Gisborne has many edges both for you and your Akita pup.

Benefits you receive by the nearby Akita kennel in Gisborne

  • The time needed to get to the kennel is very short therefore your individual visits to the Akita breeder near you are easily done
  • Nearby the kennel’s location lets you visit the local breeder and look at puppies and parents in a familiar atmosphere
  • Purchasing an Akita puppy in Gisborne will save you on transportation charges to a remote location
  • Local breeders are familiar with and would tell you about the superb Akita instructors and veterinarians in Gisborne who they rely on

If you’re looking for an Akita pup don’t hesitate to contact our kennel and arrange a visit if you’d like.

Business nameShinano
State / ProvinceVictoria
AddressGisborne, (, Bullengarook), VIC, Australia
Phone03 54289241
E-mail[email protected]
Web site
Self Description

Gains for an Akita puppy purchasing from a local kennel based in Gisborne

If you look for an Akita pup from the local kennel do not miss some advantages for its future positive health. They have respect to both grow-up situations and the lessening of probable transportation threats.

Habitual grow-up conditions
  • A puppy will live in a familiar surrounding
  • Your Akita puppy will not need to acclimatize after the trip
Simple transportation
  • The Akita pup will suffer from stress while traveling from a remote location
  • No quarantine procedure, no medicine is required
  • Any kind of accidental risks due to transportation won’t arise

If there is no appropriate litter right now you might ask us to put you on a list.
We are your way of finding a great Akita pup for sale nearby. Have you not yet found an Akita puppy you are searching for?

Our aim is to make the search of an Akita pup as comfortable as possessing one. Feel free to view all necessary information about local Akita breeders close to Gisborne and encompassing places in the complete List of Kennels.

local Akita  in Gisborne

Tips to find a perfect Akita puppy step by step

If you prefer our kennel than:

  • Make a visit and check out us to look at our pups
  • Look at the puppies and the mother and father, ask the right queries
  • Choose your pup from the available litter or enroll in the waiting list
  • Make the first deposit if necessary and make the final decision
  • Get the Akita puppy home and relish the life with your pet!

Reviews re. Akita breeders in Gisborne online

It is always a great idea to check online reviews before choosing a kennel. Just try googling and find some reviews on ‘Shinano’ or ‘Shinano + Gisborne’. You will easily stumble upon a review in the few first search results.

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