Sebaceous Adenitis in Akitas

Akita Sebaceous Adenitis

Sebaceous Adenitis (SA) is a hereditary autoimmune skin disease whose mode of inheritance is believed to be a simple autosomal recessive, requiring a single Defective gene from both sire and dam. SA is (more…)

Why is Akita Scratching for Relief

Akita scratching

Demi is a friendly Akita, she’s always happy and playful: or at least she used to be up until one summer at 15 months of age. She then just started scratching. As if the itching drove her mad she was literally (more…)

General Traits of the Akita Breed

Akita breed

The Akita is named for his place of origin, the Odate region in Akita Prefecture (Americans: think ‘state’), on the island of Honshu in northern Japan. So the Akita is not a polar dog, though his coat (more…)

What food is good for Akita

Akita eating dry food

If you are the Akita owner, it means you have to take effective care of all your needs, especially dog food. All Akita owners should be aware of pet nutrition and have a wide selection of products to select (more…)

What is a Puppy mill

puppy mill

A puppy mill is the term for a deplorable breeding practice used by individuals and groups who think breeding a sentient animal should be a money-making endeavor. Frequently, puppy mills produce many, (more…)

Akita Rescue An Act of Love

Akita Rescue

Although Akitas are an uncommon breed, they have reached a certain level of popularity. This demand leads to disreputable and unethical breeders who breed dogs for profit and not the continued improvement (more…)

Akita Training & Behavior

Play Akita

Training any dog requires time, patience, consistency, and gentleness. Akitas require all this and more. They are an intelligent, independent breed, not given to obeying commands simply because they are (more…)

The Magnificent Akita

The Magnificent Akita

An Akita will consistently establish an essential enduring connection. The mix of size and polish makes this breed genuinely unmistakable.

Physical Characteristics

The Akita is a ground-breaking huge (more…)

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